Aermid Ayurveda

Holistic Health for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Services & Payment

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and covers an overview of your current diet and lifestyle practices, prakriti, vikruti, symptoms, diagnosis of doshic imbalances, and the subsequent treatment options.

Pricing: $100

Attend an Introductory Talk 

I hold occasional “Introduction to Ayurveda” classes at my office in Pawtucket, as well as at various local libraries and yoga studios.  Check in with me for the date and location of the next class! 

Pricing: Varies, dependent on venue

Schedule a Lecture

Contact me if you are interested in scheduling private group classes.  Classes can be introductory or cover more advanced topics, and may be held at my office in Pawtucket or at your own location.

Pricing: Dependent on venue and number of attendees

The goal of all visits is to address your concerns in an integrated approach:  Ayurveda addresses mind, body, and spirit as a whole.  You are more than just your current disease, and should be treated as a complete person. 


I strive not only to help you achieve wellness, but to teach you how to understand and respond to your body’s messages.  No one knows your body as well as you, and therefore the most effective healing comes from within.


Phone:  (860)-558-3988

Follow-up Visit

Followup visits last approximately 30-45 minutes and cover your ongoing progress and changing needs, including evolution of the treatment plan and evaluation/diagnosis of any new imbalances.

Pricing: $75

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